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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  March 25, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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and killed a local author. also, a major offensive is unrolling in lib yam the roll of the -- libya. the roll of the u.s. is backing off. facebook is a way that many of us communicate. how young is too young? what kind of guidance to parents need? it's spring and winter isn't willing to acknowledge that fact. it's a cold, gray day as we look outside at 695 and liberty road. the traffic is moving. we've been tracking the developments on air and online. we're standing by for a snowy weekend. yeah, ironic, isn't it, rosie? this is the first full weekend of spring. we'll take a turn for the wintry as we see a chance of snow. in the meantime, a decent friday night.
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it's chilly. 46 at the inner harbor and 40 in york and 43 in came bridge right now. a cooler day than arch for sure. the average highs should be in the upper 50s. as we look at the satellite, the clouds are rolling in to the state. there were a few snow showers towards morgan town and far western maryland may see flakes. this won't affect us in any big way. we're crystal clear in the central part of the state. the next disturbance will be a game changer. we'll-- we'll talk about that in a few minutes. the police need your help finding four suspects accused of beating up a man after an accident. take a look at the beating. the officers were called to the complex center. a 41-year-old man was found
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unconscious. he struck a parked car with a truck and several men approached him. they said that the car belonged to him. they punched and kicked the man. the vehicle didn't belong to the suspects. a baltimore man is in trouble, charged with running a rental scheme. he's on the state attorney general's radar last year for running an apartment rental scheme. he got money up front to rent to clients and he's facing 20 years in prison for the latest schemes. tomorrow, baltimore city firefighters will conduct a neighborhood sweep after a deadly fire killed a man late tuesday night. the firefighters will meet at 1:00 p.m.. it's a opportunity for the firefighters to talk to the neighbors to make sure they have smoke alarms.
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checking out head lines around the world now. nato's military staff is taking over the no fly zone, moving the burden off of the shoulders of the united states. they've been enforcing the no fly zone for a we can and it's weighing heavily on him. >> it bothers me that innocent people are slaughtered -- it's my mission to protect them. absolutely, i take that to heart. >> reporter: within days, that job will go to canada. qaddafi's ground forces continue their assault drawing fire from war planes. tonight, japan's prime minister is calling the condition grave and serious after a crippled power plant. the situation at this plant is defear rating quickly. overnight, the pickest breach yet.
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there's been damage to the reactor core and it's leaking high levels of radiation. >> remember, that the unit contains plutonium. it's known to science. a speck of plutonium could cause cancer if it's ingested prime minister apologized to those who's lives have been turned upside down. they were rushed for medical treatment. 10,000 times more -- now, there's a fear they may have to abandon the plant all together. certain areas will be uninhabitable for centuries. if you're wanting a black ford truck, get it now. there's a problem getting an ingredient for the color from japan.
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they think they have enough paint to meet the current consumer demands. tonight, they're strong, invasive and potentially fatal. we're talking about the latest round of superresistant germs and the antibiotics that have no effect on them. hospitals and nursing homes are breeding grounds for the bugs and they need to take extra care to halt the spread. >> reporter: could this be the new face of public enemy number one? a drug resistant bacteria. -- >> hospitals need to watch for it. it's like an arm's race and the germs are winning in many cases. >> reporter: it's reported that 350 cases of crkp have been found. that's alarming medical professionals. it's not limited to southern california. it was first discovered in a
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new york city hospital. the cdc has been tracking it across 35 states since 2009. crkp joins mersa in a group of bacteria that's resistant to typical antibiotics. >> it's a bacteria that's common, but it develops resistance to the antibiotics we have. >> it affects people in hospitals for long periods of time and those in nursing homes. healthy people and the general public aren't at risk, but they could transmit the bacteria. since the drug is resistant, the best line is prevention. >> they need to make sure that the health care workers aren't spreading it. in some cases, people aren't washing their hands. it comes down to things like
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that. >> cleanliness is next to healthiness. the u.s. postal service wants to deliver big checks to workers, only if they go ahead and retire. we'll tell you about the latest attempts by the mailmen to cut the cost.
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seven thousand five hundred u.s. postal workers are offered money to quit their job. employees must be 50 years old with 20 years of service to qualify. the agents will close seven district offices. the service will close as many as 2000 post offices over the next year or so. some encouraging news for anyone hoping to get a summer job. 55% of managers plan on hiring a seasonal staff. that's according to a survey taken by a website. they expect to pay the employees almost $11 an hour. those interested are advised to act quickly. employers will have their summers filled by april. how young is facebook.
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coming up, advice for parents who have to say no. we'll take you to the premiere of the latest kid's book series movie. @
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omg and lol. we text and e-mail the words all the time. now, the speak is getting recognized in the dictionary. editors have added these words. other words are omg. that's an bereavuation for oh my gosh and lol, laughing out loud and fyi, for your information and i heart which means love.
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for those who prefer using fully spelled out words there's a new edition, it's muffin top. also, dot bomb. childrenning are finding their way on social networking sites without the guidance of -- parents. can making it off limits for youngsters be a good thing? >> reporter: you have to be this old for this site. everyone is on facebook and like other things their older counter parts do -- kids want
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to join. there are about 20,000 underaged users booted every day. the implications are big. >> the conduct that they have affected their future and their reputation and what jobs they have in the future. >> reporter: like anything else, experts should decide when their child is ready to have a social networking presence and the level of involvement they'll have in their social sites. while the parents worry about the potential pearls -- perils, it could be hard to cut the kids off. >> you want to let them go in. >> to get them familiar with social networking, there are jr. sites. they let younger kids connect.
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all right, take a look at this, 44 degrees at bwi. the humidity is at 31% and winds are at northwest at 10. the pressure is on the rye. -- rise. we have a quiet evening now. enjoy that. more active weather is on the way in short order. take a look at the weather net cameras across the state. we had sunshine throughout the day. temperatures are remaining well bow low average -- below average. olph, finding blue skies. they're giving an idea of what might be to come. manchester, getting a murky finish to friday. crystal clear now, we have
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showers out well west of hagerstown. that's towards frostburg and a couple of winter weather advisories towards central north virginia and light breezes. enough of a north breeze to put the chill in the air. it's been a chilly feeling day in the air. temperatures mid-40s and down at the beach, 46 and look at the western part of the state -- that's wedging itself in. with the wind, it's feeling like the upper 30s. we've established it's chilly. tomorrow, with the decent sun, 43 will be it. elkton, 42 and the cloud cover already thickening up to flight. we have a little bit of precipitation towards northern west virginia. you can see across the entire east coast, mostly cloudy skies and wet weather towards the tennessee valley. this is the first of two disturbances and the more
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significant disturbance doesn't arrive until tomorrow night. it will be tomorrow night and sunday. that's when we can see a wintry mix and in the meantime, colder air and an area of high pressure keeping us colder than average. that's keeping us going. the futurecaster is cloudy and we have clearing skies tomorrow. a decent middle day tomorrow. you're fine and cooler than average. late tomorrow night as we go into sunday morning, here we go, the storms are moving in and you can see the main snow line looking to be near virginia beach and richmond. a round of early snow sunday. any snow we do see will be melting quickly. here we go, overnight, 32 and cloudy. cold, tomorrow. we're talking 45 for the high. and tomorrow night late, we're
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talking about snow showers and cloudy, cold conditions throughout the day sunday. just a raw day and a winter mix at times. light accumulations if any. then, we'll go into the seven- day forecast here. again, it's a chilly out look, rosie. there's no warmups here, we may get close to 50 degrees monday and tuesday. i mean, we're not looking for a high accumulation. we have grassy areas and roofs of cars. early sunday morning, it will look like winter. >> just enough snow to annoy everyone. >> that's a good word, anow. -- annoy. >> thank you, wyatt. well, tonight on 20/20. a roller coaster romance ends in a burning bed. did a fiery relationship lead to a fiery death? >> reporter: a young california
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couple living the golden life in the heart of silicon valley. >> i've seen this before. he never got that close to someone. >> reporter: they lived in their little cottage home for less than a month. in 2009, just before sunset, disaster hit. >> 911. >> the house is on fire. >> reporter: is anyone out of the house. >> reporter: it's pouring -- there was limited visibility. >> can you walk around and let me know what you see. >> we have a body, badly burned! >> who was the body in the fire!
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>> the secret that someone wanted to hide in a burning bed. >> within a short amount of time, the words came out. there was gasoline on the body. we know we have a big problem. >> you can catch the rest of the story tonight and then the rest of supernanny and what would you do at 9:00 and followed by abc2 news at 11:00. a huge explosion in oklahoma city. an 18 whole -- wheeler carried with a car and burst into flames. it was carrying fuel. the flames were hot and it ignited a second fire. the crews had to rush to put it out. and a rude awakening in georgia after a car crashed into a house. it sounded like an explosion. three were on a joyride and the driver was only 14 years old. he's in juvenile detention and
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the firefighters cut the car out of the home. the homeowners got back inside and no one was injured. check this out, an argument over a fast food order turned into more. a woman jumped on to the counter with a bikini on and napkins went flying as well. she was upset while at the drive-thru and came inside to have it without with the employees. they were arguing over the muffin top. you can see josh reeve, the florida fisherman as he approached a large shark. okay, this is ending badly. the shark, the second largest species is twice the size of the kayak. the sharks aren't dangerous, but don't try this at home. he works with a tour guide service. he knows whatnot to do.
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and a maine homeowner was poo pooing his project. he put 17 toilets around his home. he happens to be, guess it, a plumber. he made his fence out of toilets that have stuffed animals inside. some call it art. coming up at 6:00, baltimore's police unit could be facing charges. we have the accusations that include the sergeant pulling his gun. >> there was a push to get a measure passed. we'll tell you how likely it is to pass in time. those stories and more at 6:00. first, here's a preview of what's ahead tonight. coming up on world news, what do courage, determination and true love look like? her story will inspire you,
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kids heard the message and called me on my cell. i called home and i couldn't understand what they were saying, they were so excited.
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>> i'm glad to have the fans here that love the books and the first movie. i hope they love the second one. the first movie was hilarious. this is the second book based on the popular children's series books. tonight, a police union president could be facing charges after being accused of pulling a gun on a man in his apartment complex. carroll county bids to push protestors further away from soldier's funerals. we busted him in a scam two years ago and now,the feds are on to williams. we'll have the


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